Marketing to Women: Astrology & Horoscopes

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Who doesn’t love reading their horoscope? Apparently 70 million people check their horoscope every day. According to a study conducted for iVillage, one third of women horoscope users turn to their daily reading before making personal financial decisions.

Whether they are hardcore astrology believers or just want to add some fun to their daily routine, millions of women check their horoscopes every day and share them with friends online. Research reveals that over one third of American women read their horoscope at least once every month. In addition to doing so, before spending money, women horoscope readers also check before job interviews (33 percent), entering relationships (35 percent) and buying lottery tickets (34 percent).

The study also revealed that of women who use horoscopes:

* Nearly as many (37 percent) check horoscopes as they research personal health information (45 percent) on a monthly basis.

* Two-in-five (41percent) share their horoscopes with their friends.

* More than one-in-four (28 percent) say their horoscope can change their mood depending on what it says.

* Nearly one-in-three (29 percent) sometimes chalk up others’ shortcomings to traits of their zodiac signs.

* Fifty-nine percent say they have a lucky number; with seven topping the list, followed by thirteen.

* Twenty-one percent of moms believe that people of certain zodiac signs have better sex lives.

* Nearly 40 percent check their husband’s horoscope, 25 percent check their child’s and 22 percent check other family members.

With millions of women tapping into astrology every day, many sites are designed to be more female-focused and provide instant access to personalization and fun tools such as spinning a wheel for a quick view of love & sex, home & family, mind & body and more.

Not only are astrology sites cashing in on this multi-billion dollar industry, designers and global brands like Estee Lauder, Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Olympia are personalizing their products according to the zodiac. zodiac-2-w724

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Whether consumers are superstitious or not, brands have always incorporated astrology into their designs due to its mystical nature. The excitement over the theme’s fortune forecasts is an aspect brands can put their own creative spin on. It’s an attractive concept that inspires and evokes spirituality that many consumers can relate to.


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